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Printed Products April 4, 2019

Flyers, Pamphlets and Leaflets

This is probably one of the very first marketing tools from way back when. The first religious groups politicians and theater companies used this method to make the public aware of their enterprises.

This is one of the most effective ways to get bulk marketing for your business or cause. Flyers can be distributed through post boxes, door to door delivery, handed out on the street, pinned to bulletin boards, fences and telephone poles. Your options of distribution is really endless here so be creative.

People generally do not read flyers anymore as there is just no time in the day anymore. So you have to have a very eye-catching design to make them look. Long winded paragraphs are waist full so strong key words to describe your business is imperative. Sometimes less is more should be more enforced when it comes to flyers.

You want a high-quality flyer that’s printed with a high-quality finish so people will take note of your brand and remember it.

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